Find out where you are in grieving process so you don't get stuck
Download the 'grief to love'

Grief is hard -
let this help you

Find out in 5 minutes or less where you are in your grief journey,
so you don't get stuck in the most painful parts of grief.

Download the 'grief to love roadmap' now

  • Your heart is broken and nobody understands what you are going through
  • You may need to be strong for other's or in your career
  • You might be getting a lot of unsolicited and unhelpful grief advice that may even be harmful
  • You may be facing the biggest emotions you have ever experienced
  • You are lost, confused, anxious and overwhelmed (plus a lot more..) and you don't know what's next

=> This Grief to Love Roadmap combines everything I have learned in over a decade of working with grieving women like you. It is vastly different to grief counselling.

Download it now. It will guide you, prepare you and let you know what to expect.
I do not want you to get stuck in the most painful parts of grief...

Grief is hard enough as it is.

Hi, I'm Silke Herwald,

Grief specialist....
Relief giver...
Hope bringer...

Helping women with the toughest of journeys:
Grief and loss

Grief is hard -
let me help you

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“I felt so lost, homesick and anxious. And thanks to you, I now feel like I have this ongoing connection with my mum. I often think of her or a memory just pops up and it sometimes makes me giggle at other times I tear up a bit but I always feel that the connection is still there. Which is just so lovely"

Suzy Jones

“Thank you for everything you do. You have helped me get rid of that relentless voice in my head that was asking the same questions over and over again no matter how much I argued with it" 

Janet Thompson

Work with me


Love is the closest thing we have to magic.
And when it's taken away through death we are lost and in the most excruciating pain.

So let me assure you when you learn the tools to grieve the right way you will always feel connected to your loved one and remember them. You will even live a life that honours them.

This 'grief to love' blueprint is like no other.

Grief counselling only works with your logical, rational mind = your head.

But your head is not broken. Your heart is broken. And that is why we work with your heart and your subconscious processes.

We deal with all the stuff that goes on unconsciously, the internal arguments and struggles, the questions you have asked yourself a million times and know you won't find an answer to, yet they keep popping up...

We will address all of the questions and objections you may have to maybe feeling better...

It is the 'grief to love' blueprint. And it works.

The grief to love program is for anyone:

  • who wants to start participating in life again, instead of just going through the motions.
  • It's for women who want to use the tools and techniques and support each other.
  • Grief to love is for you whether you have lost a parent, a sibling or your partner.
  • We go at your pace
  • The power of community will guide you to a deeper understanding of grief and love.

Because as we all know the none-grievers just don't get it. Together we understand. Our grief is very different and unique yet similar in many ways. Yet, your grief is the worst grief there is for you.

This unique and very gentle way of working with subconscious processes is for women who want to be able to participate in life in their own way.

It is terrible enough that the life of your loved one was lost. It would be a tragedy to lose a second precious life to grief.

Send me the 'grief to love' roadmap to get started


You may have felt helpless and maybe even a little afraid of the depth of the emotions when working with your grieving clients. Or you may have been worried that you wouldn't be able to help them with all the trauma...
Or that nothing would really make a difference...

Just imagine what it would be like to:

✅ Confidently and compassionately help any bereaved client, knowing that you can safely handle the huge emotions and visceral pain of grief

✅ Not feel insecure, unsure or overwhelmed by the complexity or tragedy 

✅ Relax into each session knowing which questions to ask, what processes to use in which order, how to address the subconscious objections and how to pre-frame each process

✅ Feel certain that you are aware of all the grief pitfalls and won’t make your client feel worse by saying or doing the wrong thing (or the right thing at the wrong time) and instead stack the cards in your clients favour so that you notice obvious changes in your client with every session

✅ Know exactly which questions to ask when the client presents with something else (Drinking, Procrastination, Weight Loss, and lots of other things) and the problem actually is grief

✅ Get raving testimonials and referrals from your now resourceful clients

✅ Easily transfer these skills to other grief areas: e.g. divorce, job loss, moving, change in circle of friends, loss of physical capabilities, estranged family relations, etc.

=> Once you understand all the subconscious objections, how to find them and how to address them you will be further than you have ever been before.

We will go through all the techniques you need how to address all forms and types of grief.

Grief is complex.

Grief is messy.

No grieving person ever is the same.

Hence you need a framework that you can adapt to whoever you have in front of you.

Here is the grief roadmap for therapists!

Send me the free grief therapist roadmap

About Silke

I am sorry that you are here. Because I know what that means...

Nobody can become a grief specialist simply by studying grief. Nobody really gets it until it happens to them. And as the Grief Specialist I do know what grief feels like.

Why grief?

When I work with bereaved women their relief is palpable.

I could have picked lots of things to specialise in. But being able to help a grieving woman feel a little less lost, a lit less overwhelmed and a little less exhausted is what makes me smile. To help someone who is in so much pain to breath a little easier, find a sense of relief about all the guilt and remorse, feel more connected to her loved one and have more and better memories is why I specialised in working with bereaved women.

Over a decade later I have helped thousands of women develop what they need to carry their grief. For me it is not about getting rid of grief it is about clearing the decks from all the other stuff, the guilt, remorse, anger, anguish, overwhelm, anxiety, etc so you can actually start to be with your grief and slowly start to feel closer to your loved one. So that you can keep everything that is so dear to you without the risk of losing even more or forgetting your loved one. It is important to understand that grieving needs to be a subconscious process. Which is why most traditional grief counselling doesn't work.

Your heart is broken, not your head...

In traditional grief work there is too much logical thinking involved. It'w when someone lovingly and kindly tells you and on the outside you are nodding and saying "oh yeah, I'll try that" and on the inside that voice screams "heck no!"....? That is your subconscious...

And logically you totally get it all. You understand what happened and why you feel the way you do. Yet all that understanding doesn't change anything for you.

You need to avoid all the, at best unhelpful, and at worst harmful grief advice that is certainly out there.

What you need is a clear roadmap to let you know what to expect. So that you can prepare.

There is hope.

Silke with her dog from grief to love

The boring stuff

AHA world conference 2019

Silke presented her unique “Grief to Love” framework at the 2019 AHA world conference to an international audience of Psychologists, Grief Counsellors, Psychiatrists and Hypnotherapists . She talks about grief in a light hearted yet deeply insightful way.

Since 2009

Master Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner NLP specialising in grief, anxiety & trauma. In person on the Sunshine Coast and worldwide online sessions.

Since 2012

Supervisor for the AHA and ASCH and trains other therapists in the 'grief to love' blueprint and how to help their grieving clients more resourcefully.

2018 - 2021

Silke lost three of her closest loved ones, which took her understanding of grief to a completely different level.


Silke lives with her husband and her Border Collie on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Amanda's story

Amanda came to me about twelve years ago, she thought she wanted help with "drinking too much" and "having no motivation whatsoever". I asked a few questions and it turned out that it all started when she lost her husband three years prior...

By all accounts she had been functioning, especially during the day. She had gotten into the habit of just having a glass or two after work... It helped her numb the emptiness, loneliness and the pain. Those couple of glasses turned into a bottle or two. I instantly knew that alcohol and lethargy were just symptoms of the real and much deeper problem: Her grief.

We started working with her grief in a different way. She had been to grief counselling but it didn't really make a big difference. So she was a little reluctant at first. But after just a few sessions she had stopped drinking. She also had started to participate more in life again. Her relief was palpable. And Amanda started to remember her late husband differently, more memories of good times and she somehow felt closer to him than what she had in a very long time.

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